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Generate High-Intent Inbound Sales Leads Through Search Marketing Microsites!

More Search Exposure Equals More Leads

Search marketing microsites are stand-alone websites that focus in on a single search keyword phrase relevant to your business, typically published on a domain name that is also relevant to the search phrase. We build and manage laser focused search marketing microsites in a wide range of industries and niche topics, and drive traffic to those websites via organic search, paid search, and outreach campaigns. Sales leads are then captured via form fill or telephone call and routed to you.

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Microsites Built For All Devices

In today's online world, people use multiple devices which means that websites must be designed and tested on all devices and all major browsers. This is not just important for the user experience, but also for search engine ranking.

We develop fully responsive microsites designed to properly render on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

We also build microsites designed to be cross browser compatible and tested on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Proprietary Technology

Features of Our Microsites

It has been proven that organic and paid search click through rates and on-site conversions are increased on microsites because of the highly focused relevancy of the domain name, meta title, meta description, and site content. What is also extremely important is the technology behind the website. At On Web Marketing™, we have been building and managing microsites since 2006, and have developed leading edge proprietary technology that enhances performance.

Database Driven

Our marketing websites are database driven which means that we can handle any size site with features that include database stored and served static and dynamic content.

Integrated Search

Our websites can offer full search and navigation functionality allowing users to search against database stored content. More time on site equals better search ranking.

SSL Security

We install an SSL (secure sockets layer) Certificate for our websites which allows your users to have a secure experience and keep the website in security compliance.

Proprietary Traffic Monitoring

In addition to installing analytics code like Google analytics, we install proprietary code that lets us track users and indexing robot activity to help optimize search.

Super-Fast SSD Drives

Our lead generation websites are hosted on servers with SSD (Solid State Drive) drives which deliver superfast response performance. Faster speed equals better search ranking.

Leading Edge Innovation

Our lead generation websites are built on proprietary technology that we have been evolving over the years to optimize attracting more traffic and converting more leads.

Microsite Calls to Action

Our search marketing microsites can be designed to generate inbound sales leads for a wide range of calls to action including the following:

Consultation Request

Offer a free consultation and generate high-intent leads wanting to know more.

Demo Request

Capture leads from prospects who would like to see a demo of your offering.

Employment Inquires

Generate high quality employment inquiries from qualified job candidates.

Estimate Requests

Estimate requests are generally for local trade services and are often time sensitive.

Event Registrations

Fill the virtual seats at your webinar or the physical seats at your business event.

Free Trial Registrations

Free trials of a product or service is a great way to capture high-intent sales leads.

General Sales Inquires

Generate high-intent deliberate sales inquiries about your product or service.

Information Requests

Capture leads by offering a free information download about your product or service.

Quote Requests

Offer a free quote and capture leads from your target market looking for a price.

Referral Partner Signups

Build your referral partner or ISO (independent sales organization) network.

Our Microsite Services

Microsite Design

The right look for your target market.
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Microsite Development

We program and launch your site.
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Microsite Management

We monitor & manage the lead flow.
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