High Intent Is Key!

Leads Generated From Deliberate Intent Searches

The inbound sales leads we generate are 100% deliberate and transparent, meaning that the prospect is intentionally completing a form or calling a toll free number to get the specific information or value proposition being offered. In other words, they are not tricked into becoming a lead!

  • Exclusive Sales Leads
  • Fresh Sales Leads
  • Relevant Sales Leads
  • High Intent Sales Leads

Real-Time Lead Delivery Is Also Key!

All leads are delivered to you in real time via email or text message, and are available in the On Web marketing™ leads dashboard which you can access on any device.

Email Delivery

Leads can be delivered to multiple email addresses immediately upon capture.

Text Message Delivery

Your leads can also be delivered via text message with a link to the lead.

Want to enhance your sales leads? Ask us about our automated intelligent lead data discovery and appending system.

How Does It Work?

Leads Are Generated By Driving Search Traffic To A Proprietary Customized Marketing Portal That Is Either A Standalone Website On Its Own Domain Or Integrated Into Your Company Website.

The first step is to research your industry's digital landscape, including the following:

  • Search Keywords and Volume
  • Search Competition
  • Website Competition

The next step is to create a landing page, which includes the following elements:

  • Industry Visual Representation
  • Captivating Call To Action
  • Lead Capture Form

Next is to go live with the marketing portal and campaign, which includes the following:

  • Configure Live Portal Server
  • Configure Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign
  • Start Generating Leads

What Kinds Of Leads Can Be Generated?

Exclusive B2B (Business To Business) And B2C (Business To Consumer) Leads

Appointment Request

Sales leads where prospects schedule an appointment to discuss your offering.

Consultation Request

Sales leads where prospects request that you contact them for a consultation.

Information Download

Sales leads where prospects fill out a form to download a free information package.

Product Demo Request

Sales leads where prospects request a demonstration of your product or offering.

Product Trial Registration

Sales leads where prospects register to test-out your product for a trail period.

Quote Request

Sales leads where prospects request a free quote for your product or services.

Sales Question

Sales leads where prospects submit questions about your product or services.

Event Registration

Sales leads where prospects register for an event related to your product or service.

Mailing List Registration

Sales leads where prospects register for mailing list and consent to email communication.